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Ministry in the Mountains!

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Endings and New Beginnings

We've made it to and past the final stretch! I've got some bitter-sweet pictures to share with y'all this month. End of Year Party We had our last big event of the year! The university offered to cater dinner, and the students spent time sharing how they've seen God working through individual people in our community this year. We also took some time to recognize our leaders and seniors, thanking them for all the effort they've poured into their peers. Laurence, our campus director, is officially on leave with his new baby! He's the one with the artistic touch so that means Siena and I had to do our best. I think it turned out awesome after all! Wholesome Wholesome part 2 Our graduating seniors! We made them Christmas ornaments as a gift so they can have a yearly reminder of the ways God has blessed them through this community while they were in college! We asked each of them to say a prayer each year for the new students who will be following in their footsteps.

Students' Month of Outreach

Hi everyone! Another month of ministry is in the books. Thank you all for taking the time to read through some of how God's been blessing the college students of SMU this past March! Guy's Trip A group of guys in FOCUS took a weekend trip to wrap up spring break! We found an air bnb just off of Lake Texoma! 11 came out! We had a great time. What do you think we're looking at? Game: Betrayal Game: Carcassonne Lots of food! Not captured: Jacob singeing his finger tips on the flattop grill. He's okay! Just may not be identifiable by fingerprints for a while. Lots of food! A thoroughly nutritional breakfast Creamery A group of students recommended and introduced me to a sick ice cream place just off campus after our weekly fellowship night last week. So good! I'll let the clip speak for itself Month of Outreach We made March a "Month of Outreach," where we encouraged our students to go out and be invitational to their classmates, roommates, and anyone else the

Recitals and Seafood

Hi everyone! Happy March! It's been a fun month of ministry and I'm excited to show you a few of the highlights. Misc. Ministry Things! You may remember Will from a ministry update or two last semester! He and I get to lead a Core (small group) together once a week. He's an insanely talented piano performance major and just had his junior recital!  A big group of FOCUS students went to support him on his big day! Love these guys. Speaking of FOCUS students, meet Kay! He came to our weekly fellowship meeting for the first time, after having stumbled onto UTA FOCUS meeting some of my close friends from college! He just graduated and is getting ready for medical school next year. He lives close to SMU so he thought he'd surround himself with peers who love Jesus before he heads off to whatever school he ends up picking! I'll be teaching him how to play disc golf later this week. A man after my own heart. Every 2 weeks some guys in FOCUS will get together for a guy'

Fingers were Fractured

Hi everyone! Happy February. The semester's started back up and I've got lots of pics to share! :) Another Injury for the List At our annual Winter Staff Retreat, I broke my finger playing one of the most intense sports of all - Hacky sack. Don't ask me how I pulled that off. Luckily, it's almost back to normal! I've been nervous to try disc golf but I'm starting to feel confident enough to try later this week! Believe it or not, this is the best pic of me with my finger that I have lol Students are back! After a long break, our students are back in town ready to start the second half of the school year. We've had several events to kickoff the semester! We've had a surprising amount of new students check us out, who we had never met in the fall! Our first Thursday night was spent with a firepit. A female student noticed us while walking by, joined us for a few minutes, and has since gotten involved in a Core! Kickoff Worship Night! My boy Quinn is going

Christmas with the Basses!

H appy new year! I hope your holidays were restful and rejuvenating. I'm grateful to have gotten lots of time with family, lots of time with students, and lots of time with friends! Christmas & New Years for the Basses Christmas Eve with Erin's side of our family! This is my brother-in-law, Matt and my mother-in-law, Kim! Peep the socks Our 3rd annual Christmas disc golf tournament! I lost in the final hole against our oldest brother, Nathan. He's posing proudly with his trophy Can you tell we're related? This was taken at 12:00am this morning. Happy New Year! P.S. It's hard to see, but moments prior to this we finally filled the picture frames in our Living Room after having been hanging emptily for 6 months. Hanging with friends Erin and I drove with our close friends, Taylor and Austin, an hour each way for what we later discovered to be a kids' amusement park. Austin had a wonderful time on the rides, but you could say the rest of us enjoyed our time mor