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What a Beautiful Thing

Hello again, my friends! Fall Camp! I bring more good news. The second month of ministry at UTD was just as successful as the first! Thank you so much for your prayers as we prepared for Fall Camp. In the end, we had 125 students make the drive out to Mount Lebanon on a Saturday, which they could have spent any number of different ways! Instead, they all decided to invest their time to deepen their faiths, play games, share meals, and listen to student-testimonies/stories from their brothers and sisters in Christ. We also had several students come who don't consider themselves Christians and they expressed having an awesome time making friends and breaking down some misconceptions they had about how much Christians can love them and one another. Here are 4 of the guys from my weekly small group who came to Fall Camp! From left to right, we have Jared, Nhala, Solomon, and Sion. This is Solomon's first year in college and while he was reluctant to come to Fall camp at first, he s