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Endings and New Beginnings

We've made it to and past the final stretch! I've got some bitter-sweet pictures to share with y'all this month. End of Year Party We had our last big event of the year! The university offered to cater dinner, and the students spent time sharing how they've seen God working through individual people in our community this year. We also took some time to recognize our leaders and seniors, thanking them for all the effort they've poured into their peers. Laurence, our campus director, is officially on leave with his new baby! He's the one with the artistic touch so that means Siena and I had to do our best. I think it turned out awesome after all! Wholesome Wholesome part 2 Our graduating seniors! We made them Christmas ornaments as a gift so they can have a yearly reminder of the ways God has blessed them through this community while they were in college! We asked each of them to say a prayer each year for the new students who will be following in their footsteps.