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An Amazing Beginning!

Hello again, my friends! Weeks of Welcome UTD students began arriving to campus 2 weeks ago, which marked the beginning of UTD's annual "Weeks of Welcome." For the first couple weeks of the school year, UTD hosts tons of events to foster an environment in which students can build friendships and connections with one another. The pastors and student-leaders in FOCUS have been hitting the ground SPRINTING, hosting events once or even twice a day, trying to make the most of these two weeks.  Here you see one of the unofficial events I put together... Spikeball! Spikeball is one of my absolute favorite games and the only thing that can make it better is also doing ministry at the same time. :) Here, also, is a selfie 3 UTD freshmen and I took on our way back from Whataburger after one of our many packed board-game nights! From left to right we have Spencer, Hansen, Cade,  and myself. (With a beard! Unlike last week's blog...) They repeatedly expressed how meaningful it w