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Christ, Core, and Crutches!

Hello again, my friends! Halloween 2021 is the books, and soon the semester will be too! Jamarkis I want to start by introducing you to my friend Jamarkis! He's a Junior who just transferred this semester, and has gotten plugged into Focus at UTD as well as a church that a lot of us are a part of, called Northeast Church Garland. I asked him if he'd be willing to share a bit of his story: Jamarkis (Paraphrased): I was pretty sheltered as a kid and never got the chance to learn much beyond the confines of my family and home. When I got older and moved to Galveston, I was quickly sucked into a culture full of partying and smoking weed, surprised by all the things I didn't know the world had to offer. After being stuck in what felt like limbo for years, I made a friend and mentor who invested in me 1-on-1, teaching me how to make something better of my life. I haven't gotten to see him as much since I moved to Dallas but I feel the impact of his friendship and guidance eve