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Celebration of Lights

I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving and are looking forward to Christmas and the other approaching holidays! Celebration of Lights SMU has an annual tradition where the Monday after Thanksgiving Break, they'll have a ceremonial lighting of Christmas lights at Dallas Hall & the huge Dallas Hall Lawn at the northern end of campus. You can't see them in the darkness, but a group of students from FOCUS ran into each other and watched with me. All together there were probably over 2000 SMU students who attended the event! Before lighting After! Just before they turned on the lights, we concluded the ceremony with a massive candlelight service. From China to America Meet my friend Jerry! He was raised in Beijing then came to America for high school and now college. He found Jesus in America and has been one of our most consistent freshmen this year! It's been such a pleasure getting to know him. He's funny, WAY too competitive, and extremely passionate about our Lord. One