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Christmas with the Basses!

H appy new year! I hope your holidays were restful and rejuvenating. I'm grateful to have gotten lots of time with family, lots of time with students, and lots of time with friends! Christmas & New Years for the Basses Christmas Eve with Erin's side of our family! This is my brother-in-law, Matt and my mother-in-law, Kim! Peep the socks Our 3rd annual Christmas disc golf tournament! I lost in the final hole against our oldest brother, Nathan. He's posing proudly with his trophy Can you tell we're related? This was taken at 12:00am this morning. Happy New Year! P.S. It's hard to see, but moments prior to this we finally filled the picture frames in our Living Room after having been hanging emptily for 6 months. Hanging with friends Erin and I drove with our close friends, Taylor and Austin, an hour each way for what we later discovered to be a kids' amusement park. Austin had a wonderful time on the rides, but you could say the rest of us enjoyed our time mor