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The Year's Winding Down

Hi everyone, happy May! I hope this ministry update blesses you; it's the very last one of my apprenticeship! You can still expect one next month, but that will be after my apprenticeship officially concludes and I continue on as a part of the overall Focus team. Brandon! Each campus minister in Focus is assigned a "Pastoral Supervisor" who coaches/mentors them throughout the year. This is Brandon, who I got paired with! He's one of the wisest people I know and has been such a role model to me all year long. He'll be real with me, sharing the sensitive details going on in his life, while constantly teaching me how to minister to students, and manage an entire non-profit organization at the same time. I'm sad that I won't be working with him as closely next year, but am so grateful to be able to keep up our friendship as a part of the same church, as well as at all-campus meetings.  P.S. It's his birthday tomorrow! Pictures galore! Here are all of our U