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Students' Month of Outreach

Hi everyone! Another month of ministry is in the books. Thank you all for taking the time to read through some of how God's been blessing the college students of SMU this past March! Guy's Trip A group of guys in FOCUS took a weekend trip to wrap up spring break! We found an air bnb just off of Lake Texoma! 11 came out! We had a great time. What do you think we're looking at? Game: Betrayal Game: Carcassonne Lots of food! Not captured: Jacob singeing his finger tips on the flattop grill. He's okay! Just may not be identifiable by fingerprints for a while. Lots of food! A thoroughly nutritional breakfast Creamery A group of students recommended and introduced me to a sick ice cream place just off campus after our weekly fellowship night last week. So good! I'll let the clip speak for itself Month of Outreach We made March a "Month of Outreach," where we encouraged our students to go out and be invitational to their classmates, roommates, and anyone else the