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Fingers were Fractured

Hi everyone! Happy February. The semester's started back up and I've got lots of pics to share! :) Another Injury for the List At our annual Winter Staff Retreat, I broke my finger playing one of the most intense sports of all - Hacky sack. Don't ask me how I pulled that off. Luckily, it's almost back to normal! I've been nervous to try disc golf but I'm starting to feel confident enough to try later this week! Believe it or not, this is the best pic of me with my finger that I have lol Students are back! After a long break, our students are back in town ready to start the second half of the school year. We've had several events to kickoff the semester! We've had a surprising amount of new students check us out, who we had never met in the fall! Our first Thursday night was spent with a firepit. A female student noticed us while walking by, joined us for a few minutes, and has since gotten involved in a Core! Kickoff Worship Night! My boy Quinn is going