Ministry and Mustaches

Hi everyone! Great job making it through the first month of 2022! My apologies for being a week later than normal; I had a minor surgery that knocked me out for a bit. However, I'm recovering rapidly and am now feeling great. Praise the Lord!

Winter Camp

Thank you all for your prayers leading up to FOCUS Winter Camp 2022! I'm grateful to share that it was very successful. We had around 400 students make the drive out to Sky Ranch in Van, Texas to spend the weekend with one another praising God, deepening their friendships, and learning about scripture and church history at a collegiate level. We had a well-respected seminary professor named Rikk Watts fly down to be our speaker for the weekend. Coincidentally, I and the other FOCUS apprentices are all presently taking a New Testament class with him! It's seriously been so insightful already. I've learned a TON.

4 of the students in our core (small group) came to Winter Camp! Left to right: Myself, Nhala, Solomon, Jared, Sion. This was Jared and Solomon's first time and they both LOVED it! Praise God.

WhirlyBall with the Apprentices

If you read my first blog back in August, you may recognize some of these people! Here are approximately 16 of 20 apprentices I get to work with and take pastoral classes with twice a week! Graham (Apprentice at UT Arlington) came up with the idea of getting together one evening and playing a game called WhirlyBall! It was a sweet chance for us to bond outside of our usual class setting. It was a blast!

Graham is the mustachioed man in the middle! He loves art, rock climbing, and Jesus.

SICM / Spring Showcase

Please pray for wisdom for our pastors as we consider which students we feel led to invite to SICM, our annual college ministry leadership conference in May. (Hosted by Campus Christian Fellowship at Western Washington University.) I'll share more about that in the coming months!

Speaking of SICM, we have many students who would love to learn how to lead in ministry at SICM who won't be able to cover the cost of the flight and housing because of financial hardship. We're hosting our biggest fundraiser of the year to help such students: Spring Showcase! It will be on Saturday, February 26th! Some of our most gifted students across all our campuses have volunteered to share their talents. A few of which include musical performance, improv comedy, and an art show. Not only is it an opportunity to give to a meaningful cause, but will also be a genuinely high quality production our students and ministers are putting hundreds of hours into prepping. :) Please reach out to me if you're interested in attending or hearing more details about it! You're also more than welcome to donate without attending if you'd just like to give!

(817) 718-7978

Thank you as always for your prayers and your financial support! I'm so grateful to get to do college ministry full-time and I wouldn't be able to do so without you.

Your brother, Taylor



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