Big Night and Big News!

Hi everyone!

Showcase 2022 was incredibly successful! We had around 800 people make it out between both shows and raised $27,000! That will be used exclusively to help our students pay for SICM (The Student Institute of Campus Ministry). That's the annual ministry training conference in Bellingham, WA which we send our students to every May! (This will be the first time back to normal in 3 years! I went in 2018 and it was mind-blowing.)

Southern Methodist University
I've got exciting news! The FOCUS leadership asked me if I'd be willing to join SMU's team of pastors this coming Fall, and said they'd love to have me on for at least four years! I took some time to pray about it and I'm excited to announce that I accepted the position and will be transitioning after this school year! I'm especially excited to spend more time with students as I'll have wrapped up all my apprentice classes by that time. I'm also eager to experience being on a smaller, younger team of ministers, as UTD's team is the largest and the longest-standing. SMU is one of the newest and smallest. :)

All the SMU students who came to Winter Camp in January! I know about 5 of the people in this picture already and am stoked to become integrated into their community, as I did at UTD this year.


  • Please pray for God to be preparing the hearts of the students at SMU for what he has in store next year. 
  • Please also pray for my heart and the students at UTD as we strive to finish the year off well! 
  • I'd also love prayer for God's wisdom as I navigate transitioning the relationships I've spent so much time building. My prayer is that they are more-so encouraged by my example in this matter than discouraged by my moving away.
Thank you all very much for your continued support! My frequent prayer is one of thankfulness that he's blessed me so abundantly with you all. Y'all having my back humbles me and reminds me how our Lord also has my back.

Your brother,


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