Mini Golf and Ministry

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your support and for checking out my September ministry update! We just finished up welcome week and are starting to get in the swing of things for the new year. I've met so many SMU freshmen in the last week!

Welcome Week

Our most successful welcome week event was Volleyball outside of a few dorms! We had tons of students flowing in and out over a couple hours. Funny thing is, this all resulted from a last-minute event change.

Last Friday, we all went to Mini Golf at Top Golf! This was the crew from 1 of my 2 rounds. Ryan on the left and John next to him tied, and had an exciting playoff. Ryan walked away with the victory. Also, next to John is Jonathan, one of our student leaders!
(We have 4 Jonathans and a John this year. Very confusing.) 
He and I both got Hole in One's!

Our first Thursday Night Fellowship of the year! We packed the room and had to bring out extra chairs.

This was the second Thursday Night Fellowship, last night! A bunch of students stayed afterward to play board games and watch the new Lord of the Rings TV series premiere all together. It was incredible! We had a lot of fun. :)

Leader Team

Here is our 2022-23 SMU Leader Team! There are 8 student leaders, 3 staff, and 1 volunteer! Some of these people you may have seen in previous ministry updates, but there are some new ones too! You'll surely see more about them throughout the year. :)

Staff Retreat

Lastly, we had our bi-annual FOCUS Staff Retreat! It was so fun getting to know the new apprentices and reconnect with ministers from across DFW I hadn't gotten the chance to see much recently.
Fun fact, the retreat center lost power on our last night so we called the event early. As we were packing up, the power came back on and we were able to finish the weekend!

A SWEET view from where we worshipped and shared sermons with one another.

Thank you all so much for your support! I'll say this repeatedly throughout the year, but without y'all's gifts and prayer, I wouldn't be able to do this and I'm so grateful! I love what I get to do and am so excited to see what else God has been preparing for this year.

Your brother,


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