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Sunset and Sunrise

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your support and for keeping up with how God's been moving on the college campus and in our case, SMU!

I hope this update blesses you.

Fun stuff!

I took a bunch of students to a local park and taught them how to play disc golf! We had a sweet view of the Dallas skyline and thought we'd take a selfie. From left to right we have myself, Will, Jonathan, Brenden, David, Quinn, and John!

After being in college for 4 years and in campus ministry for an extra year, I finally went to a college football game. Here you'll see Will (who I'll tell you about later in this blog) and Quinn (who I've been studying the Bible with this semester!)

Erin and I snagged a pic at the second game, this last Saturday! We were supposed to wear blue but don't have any SMU shirts so I wore UTD and she wore UTA lol. The FOCUS students roasted us for it when we met up with them.

One of our student leaders owns an entire arsenal of nerf guns. So, after our weekly fellowship night a few weeks ago, we had a nerf war! Ya boy snagged a few headshots but also got hit with a few in return.


This is my friend Jared! If you read my ministry updates last year, you might recognize him! He and I were a part of a Core (small group) all year at UTD and developed a really sweet friendship. He graduated, moved to Illinois, but visited Texas over the weekend! We caught up, got Mexican food, and played one of our favorite cards games, Hanabi.

New Core, who dis?

Speaking of Core, here's a selfie from the one I'm a part of this year at SMU! All of these guys played disc golf in the first pic except for my friend Joshua at the bottom. (Guys who couldn't make it that week but are also a part: Quinn, George, & Philip)

And finally, this is Will! He and I got paired up to lead core together this year and it's been a lot of fun getting to know him! He's soft-spoken but incredibly knowledgeable about scripture and music. He just started his junior year in Piano Performance. I'm seriously so excited to watch our friendship grow and to work together to make and mature disciples for the glory of God!

Well there's September! It feels like the semester started 3 months ago but in writing this, I realize it's only been a little more than one. 

Please be praying specifically for our ministers as we try to discern which student groups God wants us to focus on reaching out to this year. We'll be meeting on Monday and Tuesday to come up with a full-blown outreach plan and I've been put in charge of researching Greek life and coordinating with my fellow minister, Siena. I've felt a little stressed with the scope of what I've been learning but I trust that God knows what he's doing and he'll work through us, so long as we are faithful to how we think he's guiding.

Thank you all again for your support and your prayer. I wouldn't be able to have this amazing job if not for you. :)

Your brother,


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